Meet our Cadets

When I joined the Air Cadets I didn’t really know what to expect, but the outcome was amazing! Everyone was so inviting and I made friends instantly. All the activities were something that I never did on daily basis and I also learned new things, for example how to work well as a team and how to improve my leadership skills in general. The annual camps are fun too you can meet more people from other squadrons and experience new places. My confidence as a person has grown massively and I recommend it to everyone!

- CDT Kirkland

When I was 12 I joined the air cadets at 2246 Carnforth squadron. Since then I have been on many camps, including the Windermere camp where we got to spend a week in Windermere where we did lots of fun activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, abseiling, gorge walking and mountain walking. I have also been to RAF Boscombe Down, on a summer camp. We went round the base. We did lots of interesting and exciting things such as seeing the weapons room there.

We also went flying in the grob tutor! We did aerobatics and I got to take control of the plane! I am looking forward to going to France in April where we are going to visit the D-day beaches and the memorials. We will be completing a project about the visit and our research will be made into a book. I really enjoy the air cadets and the exciting opportunities I

- CDT Gilldaley

I have had an excellent experience with air cadets. I joined when I was 12, after a recruitment day at my school. I immediately felt very welcomed and I have made lots of good friends in my time at air cadets as well as having many unforgettable experiences such as the National aerospace camp. I been on many camps and flown in a Grob Tutor and a Viking Glider. Air Cadets helped build my skills in aviation and helped me develop my confidence and leadership skills. I have been able to shoot the no.8 rifle several times and have become first aid trained through the cadets. There are opportunities to get promoted and feel a sense of pride for the air cadet organisation.

- CDT Aston